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When you have a question, searching for an answer in a book or on the Internet can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you cannot find the answer!

We have assembled a team of professional calligraphers ready to answer your questions and share their expertise with you.

This service is free of charge and will hopefully help you in progressing your calligraphy skills.

What will you ask?

Josie Brown

Josie Brown is a professional calligrapher, heraldic artist and illuminator, and is an accredited tutor for the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society with over 30 years of teaching experience. She specialises in using ancient techniques and exploring their potential for use in contemporary ways. As a freelance artist, Josie carries out commissions for the public, private and military sectors.


Gillian Hazeldine

Jilly Hazeldine is a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators and a Full Member of Letter Exchange. She works to commission, teaches widely, runs her own correspondence courses and is co-author of and tutor on the SSI’s correspondence course. She is the author of ‘Contemporary Calligraphy’, published in 2011 by Robert Hale.


Janet Smith

Janet Smith is a professional calligrapher with over 20 years’ experience. Now based in Anglesey, North Wales, she works on commissions, and teaches calligraphy. Over the years Janet has amassed many hints and tips for how to give your lettering the best chance to shine, and it’s always a pleasure to share.


Rachel Yallop

Rachel Yallop has 30 years experience working as a freelance calligrapher and lettering designer specialising in expressive calligraphy as well as formal scripts like copperplate. For much of this time she has also taught a wide variety of calligraphic and design disciplines in art schools, at conferences and workshops



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